Tribal hijacking

Yesterday while casually going through my twitter feed, this post captured my attention. If you have time please go over the thread. It speaks about how Nazi in Germany under Hitler hijacked Christianity. They first identified with it then gradually started distorting it and finally when they had gathered enough of a following cast it aside. Hitler set himself up as a messiah who could not be questioned. This rang with me because I see it at play in my country Kenya.

Tribe is a good thing. It gives people identity, a sense of belonging. Its something to be proud of. Diversity is a good thing, it makes the country richer in terms of culture. Unfortunately, this has been hijacked by our politicians just like Christianity was in Nazi Germany. Politicians use it to rally support for their own selfish interests. They use the phrase "our people are being targeted" or a variation of it. When a politician is caught in a corruption scandal, they retreat into their tribal cocoon. Recently, there was a scandal about two dams not being built but money paid for them. As expected, politicians whose names came up said that their people are being targeted. This is just one example that comes to mind but these happens all time.

Tribe has been poisoned to the extent that there is an underlying anger and resentment towards one another in my country. This boils over when elections come around. People attack one another on social media and defend "their own". People vote for their own even when the politician has a poor track record on development and has been involved in corruption scandals.

We need to move away from tribal based politics. We need to move towards ideology based politics. I think about the political parties in the USA. When I hear democrats I immediately thinks about the ideas they support and are against not which tribal group they represent. The same thing about Labour party UK. The two major political parties in Kenya, Jubilee and Nasa are largely tribal outfits. The future still looks bleak sadly. The upcoming election seems like will be the largely the same. I pray for change in our thinking as a people. I think the current political elite need to step aside to allow for change just like Ethiopia has done.

Our current system favors the political elite, so don't expect them to change. It wont happen. I pray there wont be need to spill blood to get change. The people need to rise up and cast aside the shackles of ignorance and embrace the possible future before them.